Anyone who frequents the casinos will know that Poker is the most popular card game played at casinos and poker rooms all around the world as well as at hundreds of online casinos.

Where did poker originate? This question proved to be complex with well debated answers. There have always been several theories that made the rounds with no clear evidence. There is one thing that everyone agrees on, that poker has its origin in our history and has been played for ages.

One of its ancestral games is said to have been played as early as 1526. The most popular origination theory is that the French developed a game called “poque” and it was first played in 1803. Poque did not become famous until the Civil War, when it was played by soldiers during their spare time. The earliest versions of poker were said to originate with them. From America, the game is said to have spread throughout the world. Las Vegas, also known as the entertainment capital is home to thousands of casinos and poker rooms.

An interesting story is that in 1871, a U.S. Minister, on his visit to Great Britain explained the game to a few members of the British court. When Queen Victoria herself expressed an interest in the game, the U.S. Minister printed a set of rules specifically for her and sent them over.

Poker used to be called the “cheating game”, and was said to have been given the name “poker” by a professional gambler named Jonathan H. Green.

Poker has earned the distinction of being the uncrowned king of card games, which has changed forms several times since its birth. The current form involves players betting on the value of the card combination in their hands. This bet is placed into a central pot. The player holding the highest value cards or the last person holding the cards after the other players have folded, is the winner.

Video poker is also a fairly recent variation to the game, which involves playing this game like any other slot machine.

Poker and the jargon of the game have become very popular even with people who do not really know how to play the game. Poker slang such as Beats me, call one’s bluff, pass the buck, poker face and many others have become a part of our daily lives, without most people knowing their origination