You get poker bonuses for basically doing absolutely nothing. The poker bonus is given to you based on the amount of money you put into your account and is then released based on the amount of wagering you do when you are playing in the poker games on the online server of the website you have signed up for. When you consider both of these actions, what should immediately come to your mind is that you would be doing both of those things anyway if you were going to play online poker! For that reason, getting a poker bonus does not involve doing anything that you would not normally do anyway if you were someone interested in playing poker on the internet. In practical terms, this means that you are getting the bonus for nothing. Now, how many other bonuses in any part of life can quite seriously make this claim?

When you compare the bonuses offered by online poker sites to the bonuses offered by online casinos or any other online gambling establishment, you will notice that on average they are easier to clear. This means that pound for pound, the typical online poker bonus will be easier to clear than the typical online gambling bonus from another online venue and this allows you to get more money for the same amount of play. People have actually tried this theory out in experimentation in order to see if it is actually true and after a couple of months of playing online poker, they had far more bonus money than they ever saw when they were at the online casinos of the internet. This was not always true as casino bonuses used to be better, but in recent years that trend has reversed. At the current moment in time, this is just one more thing for you to love about poker bonuses.

In addition to being better on average, what you will find in the online poker community is that there are a fair number of bonuses that are also easier to collect. Its fine for something to be better on average, but if that does not translate into a number of actual bonuses that are easier to collect then the help the beginner gets from the average is negligible at best. That is not the case here however as you will find bonus after bonus in the online poker world that is quite easy to clear. This is something you should pay attention to when you are out bonus hunting in fact because usually there is no need to settle for a poor release requirement bonus when there is a better one out there just waiting for you to reach out and grab it.

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