Poker is the fastest growing pastime in the UK right now. We have always had a love affair with the danger and glamour of poker portrayed in movies and now the advanced poker playing software has opened up the game to a much wider audience

Apart from the fun factor, Online poker is a great way for players to win money and earn a little extra income (did you know its tax free!), for some living the dream means poker is their only source of income! So if this has aroused your interest here are some of the great reasons why more and more people are registering and winning big!
It’s Fun! It’s as much fun as playing face to face but it’s easier to bluff online! Most poker rooms have chat boxes so who knows you may even meet your Mr. / Mrs. Right and make some money to pay for the date!
It’s So Easy! Once you have an online poker account it often takes only one click to get into a game.
It’s a learning experience! It does not matter if you do not know how to play poker. You needn’t feel embarrassment at your lack of experience. The anonymity of playing online will make you feel more confident.
It Looks Good! The online poker websites are technologically advanced and visually impressive, you get to see the table and the other players’ faces. Sites like PKR allow you to create your own image so you can pretend to be anyone you want! LTDPoker offer great free bankroll for PKR. It’s convenient. You can play from your plushy recliner in the living room if you wanted

Variety is the Spice of Life: There is a wide variety of online poker games to play online. From Texas Hold Em to 5 Card Stud to Omaha as well as many other variations of the games and playing styles. When you start playing online you do not have to stay with one particular type of poker, you can switch between different styles of games. explains the basic rules of all the main types of poker as well as advanced level strategy and management advice.
You can play for free! Sites such as offer large free bankroll to the top sites. This means for a minimum stake of £15 you could be playing with over £100 in your account! Setting up accounts through sites such as these will give you better offers and advice than if you sign up direct.
You can win real money: Many of the big tournament winners during 2007/08 have not been playing for very long. Online Poker is a great way to practice (often for free) but it also gives new players equal chance to enter into big money tournaments. Many poker websites have large tournaments with a small buy-in but with large jackpots, just like WSOP and WPT! Online Poker tournaments are a great way to experience what the pro poker player’s experience.

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